iTunes Gift Card Generator

Special thanks to the Elite French Hack Group (E.R.H.G.) & GDCSKATER for figuring out the algorithm that will allow this iTunes Gift Card Generator working. The community is truly thankful and supportive for the hard work you guys done.

iTunes Gift Card Generator

Note: This specifically iTunes Gift Card Generator, unlike other generators, doesn’t require your username, email and password, so you don’t have to worry about having your account hacked nor banned. However, try to generate/use it maximum 5 times per week, just to stay under the radar.

itunes gift cards generator

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to abuse this iTunes gift card and codes generator tool, nor make a profit from it. We can block your access from using this tool if our server detects that you have been generated iTunes codes more than 5 times a week by using this iTunes Gift Card Generator.

iTunes Gift Card Generator 2014

Watch the video below to find out quickly how to use this tool

Instructions to use this iTunes Gift Card Generator 2014 version

  1. Open your iTunes application, before opening the iTunes Generator tool
  2. Go to the iTunes store and make sure you are connected
  3. Open your iTunes Gift Card Generator tool, select your currency ($,€ or £) and your country
  4. On the next step, select the value of your iTunes codes, from 10 up to 500 (the lower the amount, the higher the success rate of generating your iTunes code is)
  5. Click ‘Generate’ button, once you completed step 4
  6. You code will appear in the iTunes Card Generator tool, as shown in the video
  7. Copy/paste your generated code and activate it in your iTunes account
  8. Don’t spread this around on forums nor to your friends, and stay under the radar. Enjoy!

itunes codes generator

FileName: ITunes Gift Card Generator By Gdcskater.exe
Size: 1.95 MB
Type: EXE
Date Uploaded: Check the date
Downloads: 2027

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If you need assistance for downloading this iTunes Gift Card Generator, go to the How To Download page and find out how in less than 2 minutes.

12 thoughts on “iTunes Gift Card Generator

  1. Awesome share for those of us that cannot get them from any other place. Thanks, I already gifted a generated code to my brother in-law

  2. wohooooooo I got a free itune card generator :X thx time to make some room in my iphone as I’m getting it full tonight of all teh crap I can found haha thx, mabeliin3

  3. Holy Macanoli!! I just got this and it worked from the first try, now I have a 50 bucks gift card and I’m so excited to spend it on something very special for me

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